Monday, September 21, 2009

Virus Software Is Like a Vaccine for Your Computer

Periodically, a computer virus makes the evening news. Some of them have caused monumental damage, other times they have not made the complete rounds, but they are something the average person could get. They think that it would be very easy for someone to want to click on a particular link and give them a nice trojan horse.

Thankfully, there are more software programs that have come out that give you increased computer protection. Shouldn't you just have to worry about it once? In other words, can't you just buy or download one program and you are done, like not needing 12 word processing programs? The truth is that spyware, trojans, and computer worms keep evolving. It seems when one is stopped, some sick hearted person writes another one that improves upon the first.

Just like getting a new vaccine for a new type of flu strain, its smart to update your protection software. Either upgrade what you have, or buy a new type. How often you update is up to you. Only you can assess and determine your risk when roaming around the internet or in receiving emails. Look for an interacting software that can notify the software author of new threats. This way, they can constantly change their gameplan to combat the latest threats.

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