Monday, September 28, 2009

Fail Safe Phones

Years ago, I had a job in an outbound phone center. No, I was not a telemarketer. I was not selling anything. I was using an automated phone system for outbound calling, but people always were interested in hearing from me. No, they weren't interested in hearing from me individually and specifically, but the company I worked for. People would go in to get the warranty repairs done on their vehicles. I would call them and make sure it went well.

The nerve wrecking thing about it was that we had to record everything on paper. There was a form to fill out on the computer as we went through the call, but the meat of everything was what we jotted down on paper. Needless to say, there were no recorded calls. It would have been nice because when we had an abusive customer we could show the supervisors that we ended the call for a reason, not because we were lazy. Also, to the customers' benefit, we could have record of an ongoing warranty problem that they had been having if they ever had to reference it again.

It is not surprise that now phone systems are available that are completely automated. There are PBX systems that are fully integrated to data, and they are easy to manage and have power-fail transfer ports so you are not completely out when there is a power surge or an outage. That's good news for you as a business.


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