Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lock and Load!

locker.gifSpeaking of keggers and "growing up" and growing out of them, one fixture of high school and college has always been the banks and banks of lockers. As you grew older and succeeded to the next grade level, they just got smaller and smaller. In one junior high I attended, they looked like just a bunch of slits. You could stuff a coat in there sideways, but that was about it. You almost had to carry your books to several classes with you just because they wouldn't fit if you had them all in your locker at once.

At a few art shows and antique fairs, I have seen a few school lockers either as singles, or in sets of two or three together. I never knew people were that nostalgic for them. More so, people are choosing to put them in their industial style home design or they sift through the lockers for sale looking for a solution for their garage.

You may have to spray paint some of the old ones to make them usable, but now they sell lockers over the web brand new. There are even wood lockers out there, like the one at left. I think it would look spiffy with all the midcentury danish modern furniture.

Whether you have a hankering for the good old days, or want something streamlined for the home, I am sure you will find something to suit either in a modular unit, assembled, or "put together."


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