Friday, October 09, 2009

What's Your (Furniture) Mood?

I've been in quite a few houses lately for not only parties, but because I was helping a friend house hunt. They wanted my second opinion. Of course, most homes for sale are decorated in neutral colors to not offend a potential buyer. What I did notice is that there are a number of people with fairly transitional furniture. In other words, it is sort of in between. It is not a traditional style, yet not modern either, but could go with either decor. Sometimes it is a great idea to have a versatile anchor piece and then you can change the decor around it frequently, but other times it is just too noncommittal.

arne.jpgIf you get something along the lines of the egg chair, no one can accuse you of being boring. It is fashioned after a chair that Arne Jacobson designed in 1958. In fact, when I recall fond memories of the homes of aunts and uncles and older relatives, it was never the basic sofa I remember, but the crazy clock or the upholstery fabric that Aunt Edna thought was daring and saved all her pennies for. It was always a chair like this. If you aren't sure about how bold you want to go, in leather, it tones it down to something sculptural.

Sometimes, I prefer looking at paper catalogs for my ideas because I can fold a page and see the items together. I know it wastes paper, but there is something about arranging things yourself. On, you can create mood boards. You can bring a few different products together in a window on the site and see how you feel about it all. The site even gives you a total amount to see if you can afford your mood at the moment.



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