Thursday, October 01, 2009

Something Old, Something New

typing.gifThere are many sites that claim to teach you how to make money blogging. You can make money through adsense and google adwords. However, once you sign up, you are pretty much on your own. I didn't think it was worth it for me. For the pennies I would make at it, it would just make my blog look spammy.

There is a website out there now called where you can start a blog and participate in revenue sharing. Apparently, you make residual money when you refer someone to start a blog or register a blog on the site. The residual is 15% on people you sign up, and 10% on people they sign up. It sounds a bit like multilevel marketing to me. The difference is that you and your cousin won't both be trying to knock each other out in selling the same product to Grandma and Aunt Violet.

I wonder if this style of Blogging for Money will go the same way of other tiered money. The people that started out first are making the money, and everyone else makes a much smaller amount. I guess time will truly tell. If you have tried this, I would be curious to know what your thoughts are.


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