Monday, October 12, 2009

Make Your List and Check It Twice

I always seem to forget something when I am at the store. I buy the most critical item, but once I get home there are secondary items that I needed and its a pain in the rear to have to make a special trip to get them, when I should have purchased them the first time out.

When I think of things, I am usually on the computer, and figure I'll just think about it later. I never do, as you could suspect. I found a great site called List2shop that lets you create a grocery list online. Typing up a list online is nothing new, but the site has other features that make it very worthwhile. The site has a very exhaustive list of items that you can add, and better yet, it has a list of stores.

You can divide your shopping list very easily to save you a lot of time. You can already determine which store you need to get what at, versus wandering around the aisles aimlessly. I find that when I look for everything I need at one store, I make due with an item that will sort of work but won't completely work. If I come out empty handed, I wasted previous time. Of course, you can print the list out. You don't have to relegate it to your Blackberry. Some may say that its a waste of paper, but printing something once, versus wasting paper with revisions, is key.

You can become one of List2Shop's Facebook Fans. The programmers of the site, or the custome service department, seems to run it and interact with fans. In fact, they are openly soliciting suggestions on making the site better. One fan recently suggested ordering the list by section of the store. I think this is an excellent suggestion. Although stores organize their floor differently, it is very likely that like is organized with like, such as produce, dairy, or bath products. Of course, some stores randomly include add on items in aisles where you wouldn't expect to see them, but they are always in their usual spot, too.

Have you tried List2Shop? If so, tell me what you think.


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