Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Car Shopping

After an entire year without a car, I found one several weeks ago. Part of it had to do with where I was living. I didn't need one. There was also an equal dose of making fresh starts. In the position I was in, I had the ability to take a little time to consider what I really wanted. There was a strict budget, so I couldn't put my money into a 2010 audi.

A few people I know swear by their Saabs. I read a Saab 9-5 review and the reaction has been mixed. It seems the cars are lagging behind others in the category. That is almost a good thing, because it is beyond my price point anyhow.

Another friend of mine has a Mitsubishi. The issue with them is they are expensive to fix. If you like tinkering on your own car, it is not the car for you. Perhaps the very old ones are fine, but the parts are expensive.

If I had a choice of anything in the world, I might see what the hype about hybrids is about. I understand that some of them use less gasoline or oil, but are they really practical yet? Their high sticker price might make the financial savings on fuel nil. The still do use less gasoline, but some folks believe that they use none at all.

In the end, I bought a twenty year old car for the nostalgia factor. My dad had one just like it. However, I imagine in another ten years, I may be looking for a new car. Perhaps it will be a 2009 or 2010 model.



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