Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Fans for Your Historical Restoration

The first time I remember really noticing a Ceiling Fan was when I saw Citizen Kane for the first time. I remember the high contrast film style, showing curls from the ends of cigarettes dancing up towards the long, paddle blades. It seemed so much classier than the painted white ones with gold town curlicues that were in the bedrooms at home. Of course, the smoking was not classy. The art deco style fan was. It pushed me out of the mindset of Ceiling Fans being ugly and cheap looking.

What I really like is the belt driven ceiling fans that Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans offers. I have not seen anything quite like it offered to the public. This style was originally developed in the 1800s by Shediker and Carr, and would be very much at home in any number of historic restorations that you might be involved with. Now, Fanimation produces this style, and they call it the Brewmaster Longneck model.

An important improvement on the original has been made. Instead of the belts being made out of leather, they are now made with Neoprene. The change still preserves the look, but makes them not so high maintenance. You won't have to replace neoprene like you would leather, which could split over time without meticulous care. Even with the best of care, the elements would probably batter it.

Whether you decide on adding standard fans to your home, or go for an all out restoration, there are many options available. If you decide to go for something unique, you definitely do not have to settle for what every other home on your block has.



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