Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Save Money on Your Arabian Nights

Until recently, looking at cheap dubai hotels was not something that captured my interest in the least. I knew that the record attempt for the world's tallest building was there, but beyond that I was clueless. I recently discovered that there is a lot more to see. I don't know about any historical ruins, but it is brimming with modern attractions. Shopping is a major feature of the city. When it is too hot outside, you can chill indoors with a large indoor snowboarding and skiing facility.

Another thing that I hadn't thought about were Abu Dhabi hotels. You can visit Old Souk, which is a traditional market where you can buy metal, clothing, and handmade items. There is also an opportunity to visit Old Heritege, where traditional Bedouin ways are on exhibition.

The United Arab Emirates, I have learned, is a more tourist friendly country. The Abu Dhabi hotels are just one option. You can also rent holiday flats, apartments, or for the more adventurous, a bed in a hostel. Have you recently visited the UAE? If so, what was your experience?



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