Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Live it Up...On the Cheap

newstadium.jpgA lot of people I know are cutting back. However, they miss going out and seeing concerts and games with their friends. There are still games you can go to, just be frugal about it. In fact, I have gone to concerts and games and then put aside the money I saved on the outing. Over time, I would have money to toss in my savings account or go somewhere special.

There are Dallas Cowboys Tickets that you can obtain on that are significantly discounted if you play your cards right. In fact, they are already selling tickets for seats in their new stadium for 2010. How crazy is that?

I remember how, living in Detroit, anyone that purchased Los Angeles Lakers Tickets had to wear a wig and sunglasses so no one would recognize them. There was such a rivalry between the Pistons and the Lakers that it was so. Of course, some people wore Lakers gear just to be ironic or to dissent.

It was just as bad if you were in Boston buying Yankees tickets. You definitely would have to wear a disguise so as not to be seen in the stands if the television camera panned them.New York Knicks Tickets are not as taboo, as the Celtics haven't been very hot in years.

No matter what you do, make some memories and have a great time. Above all, remember that spontaneity is important, but taking a little extra time to save money makes the things you want to do achievable.

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