Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lou Lou has Luxuries for Kids from Infant to 102

LouLou's Corner is a specialty boutique in North Carolina that offers a variety of items, mostly geared towards babies and mothers. Now, they have an online store that offers a variety of their wares, including designer baby clothes and toddler clothing.

Among their offerings, they sell items by Barefoot Dreams. Barefoot Dreams is a company that makes and packages all of their items in the USA. From having read this blog, I am sure you know how much I value good products that are made in America. They have very luxurious baby blankets, and loungewear for adults. For toddlers, the Appaman line. Appaman was named for a corduroy ape that was owned by the founder as a child.

They also offer Jellycat stuffed toys, that are a higher quality line. They comply to all of the strict European safety standards that toys like this need to have. They are designed in England. I crawled around the internet, and some items state that they are made in the England as well.

If you are looking for a unique item for someone with a baby on the way, this is a great American small business to patronize.


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