Monday, December 14, 2009

Garden Benches: Rest Awhile and Reflect

The weather outside, in some places anyhow, is frightful. However, some folks are already thinking about spring time. More specifically, they are thinking about rolling out the product lines for garden supplies to introduce as soon as Christmas is over. In fact, I received a flier in the mail about stone benches and patio furniture.

It may seem a little soon, but I have thought of many other great uses for stone garden benches. They create a focal point, whether your garden is vast or just a little corner where the house jogs. It can provide a place to rest or to reflect. In public gardens, where there is little space for every statue for every single thing people want to commemorate, a bench can be a considerate addition to guests. That is why sometimes they are used as memorial benches.

Memorial benches are not just for cemeteries. They can be used to remind students at a college of the generosity of living donors, or to commemorate an event that happened on a specific spot. In an area that is steeped in history, having a bench as a historical marker gives folks a place to take a break and learn something at the same time.


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