Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DirecTV: Set It and Forget It

I am amazed how integrated technology is these days. I can check my email from my phone. I can call my home phone and listen through my answering machine to see if the dogs are behaving. I can start my car with a click of a button while I sit inside the house. Now, I can program my DVR from my phone, too. What would Thomas Edison think of all this?

There is a Directv application that enables me to tell my DVR what to have ready for me when I get home. You may say that it is redundant with the frequency that shows and movies sometimes repeat on Direct TV, and it doesn't justify a download to my phone. However, what happens if I am not home for ANY of those times? I could be on the road or be having fun in the snow, when a neighbor or a colleague talks about a must see show.

Right now, there are specials on DirectTv, where you get a fantastic super duper low price, under $30 per month, for a Total Choice, all the way until 2011 hits us. Of course, the price adjusts then, but for what you save throughout the year, you can put away for a fancy new phone to have conversations with your DVR through.

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