Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Ruts About It

10-minute-trainer-i.jpgYesterday, I tried again to start a workout routine. I enjoy walking, and I get a lot out of it, but I have some muscle groups that I would like to tone up and walking doesn't do it. My big problem is motivation. I am not into creating some sort of Insanity workout to create a physique with 1% body weight and muscles where people don't even have places, but just something I can stick with.

There is something to be said for workout videos and equipment. Of course some of it just collects dust, but if its something that motivates you, it is well worth it. There is a 10 minute trainer kit that you can get that contains all ou need to get a concentrated workout in just ten minutes a day. No, it won't give you a rock hard body most likely, but it will give you more energy to do more.

When you graduate from that, you can move on to the Power 90, which provides a longer lasting workout regimen. I think for me, the other factor beyond commitment is boredom. It appears that the workout routine will prevent one form falling into a rut. Since the New Year has passed, my February Resolution is to get my butt off the couch and get going.

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