Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Give Your Aspiring Tattoo Artist a (Hydraulic) Lift

I always admired the vintage and antique barber chairs I see at auctions and estate sales. They always go for pretty big bucks. Sometimes, I feel like buying them to somehow "save" them, but then I wonder where I would put them and what I would do with them. There is always a wrinkle, isn't there?

Little did I know that you can snap up a more contemporary hydraulic styling chairs with lots of chrome at Sam's Club. Why am I surprised that one can buy them outside of some sort of salon or business supply place? After all, I have seen them in homes of folks who are part time or semi retired hair stylists. They sometimes get lucky when the establishment disbands and asks if they want their chair, but often they can purchase one brand new.

Another thing I never visualized them as is tattoo chairs. With body art becoming more and more popular, using a chair used by the personal care industry makes the establishment look that much more professional. It also allows the artist to bring the customer up to a comfortable level with a low risk of a hand jumping or a customer sitting at a funny angle. That would be pretty bad if later it was discovered that the subject had been leaning the whole time, skewing the tattoo.

If you have always been wanting a barber or salon chair, the price range is around $82 for a cutting stool to the $600 range for a high end, very deluxe facial table, with many different choices in between.


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