Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Give me Liberty: Give me Statistics

One of my main in Statistics problems high school is that I really didn't know what statistics class was. The reason for my dilemma was that I didn't receive an ample enough grade in Algebra II and Geometry to advance to Trigonometry. A good performance in Trigonometry would naturally lead to a chair warmed up for me in Statistics class.

When I found out that Statistics was the recording and interpreting of data relevant to the problems at hand, I felt a little flim flammed. It just seems like such a practical form of mathematics. Even if there is an element of the abstract, I wouldn't think I would need Statistics help all that often as I would actually understand what I was doing. I have read reports that use statistics, so unlike calculus, I have a very concrete concept of what its all about. It is like having a child who fails math but can balance a check book.

While I am not saying I have a bright and shiny future as a Statistics tutor, I think that I should have at least been given the chance to take a crack at the class. It shouldn't have been buried behind a huge stack of prerequisite classes.


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