Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't Struggle. Tutors Can Help.

rascals.jpgI have been following the news about some local schools and their dilemma in improved the math and reading scores of their students. In fact, the biggest factor in improved grades was not any overhaul of the curriculm, but the very simple act of volunteers sitting down with the kids and giving them help with their Math homework. Some say its the one on one contact, but I even think that if parents enlisted Free math tutoring online, it would still help. While some kids are starved for one on one attention with adults, more just need a little extra guidance out of class because it came at them so fast the first time.

I know when I was in grade school, there were times that I just sort of trusted that if I didn't understand, it would sink in eventually. By the time I reached high school, I realized it wasn't such a hot strategy. I had to hit the books much harder. The free math homework help available was from my peers. While it was cool for freshman to accept help from seniors, it didn't feel so hip to rely on help from someone in the same math class. I thought there must be something wrong that I wasn't catching on like they were.

At any rate, if you are struggling as a student, or struggling as a parent to help your children, I would suggest seeking help. An online tutor can come to the rescue at any hour of the day.


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