Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moving On Out

A few of my friends are playing the moving game. As soon as they ordered a home appraisal, companies were calling them in hopes of giving Local Moving Quotes. It seems a bit counterintuitive, as part of the quote depends on when the move is going to happen. Perhaps the intention is if a company calls the person first, they will stick in their mind when the homeowner or renter is looking for Local Movers down the road.

It really had the opposite effect to some extent. My friends remembered how annoying all of the phone calls were. Also, since the solicitation happened after an appraisal, rather than after a sign went up, they felt it was also an invasion of privacy. Not a good foot to be on when a company is hoping to win a chance at giving them Moving Estimates. I found that an in home estimate is just really a way to get one's foot in the door literally.

I am sure that the Local Moving business is competitive. After all, everyone knows someone with a van or pickup truck and everyone has a brother, friends or cousins. The benefit, of course, to hiring a professional is that they have the expertise to move large items and if they should drop and break it, they are insured, where your friends are not. Also, it prevents the issue of everyone becoming scarce as soon as the moving day approaches. Sometimes it is better to pay someone who will be committed to doing it, rather than rely on competing schedules.


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