Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Apples and Oranges

I was comparing cable and dsl internet services recently, and I realize I had forgotten about dialup. Believe it or not, dial-up internet service is still alive and well. Copper.net offers a package at $9.95, or less if you prepay the entire year. Back in the 1990s, I thought my pokey dialup was lightening fast. I would surf onto a website, and go use the bathroom or fix a snack while I was waiting for the pictures to load. I didn't need to get anywhere fast and that was okay. I wonder how it stacks up today against today's cutting edge internet services.

From the website, it appears that the internet connection is 56K, but the true speed depends on your computer equipment and network lines. It may appear faster to you then "old" dialup as typically computer processors are faster. I really wonder how it compares to dsl . My conclusion is that dialup is a great alternative for people on a strict budget, or for those who don't rely on their connection for business. If the user solely uses the computer for checking their email and typing papers, it is a sensible product. If you play high graphic games online or work from home, you may want to upgrade to dsl for a faster internet processing speed.

I think dialup would be a great product for my parents who don't wish to spend $30-100 on internet service for something they use occasionally. With the escalating cost of internet service, accessibility decreases and occasional users excommunicate it from the budget. A family who is struggling to make ends meet could provide the internet for homework research just as friends who shell out $50 per month.


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