Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Myrtle Beach: Not Just for Spring Break


When I was in college, my younger brother went to Myrtle Beach with some friends of his. They shared a room at one of the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts. They really wanted to go to Mexico, but our mom and the mom of the friends vetoed that. Of course, they weren't paying for the trip so had no financial say, but they sure would have made the boys' lives a living nightmare had they gone ahead with their plans. The thought of them possibly leaving the country was just a little too much for them.

I find that when people have gone to an exotic destination, unless they are interested in local history or touring ancient ruins, it is pretty much like going on a cruise or being at an all inclusive resort in the States. Myrtle Beach Resorts have the same atmosphere of surf and sun, without needing a passport to get there.

Since my brother went, I have gone and it is not the same. There are much better amenities at each Myrtle Beach Resort than there were ten years ago, when my brother and his friends mysteriously returned with pierced ears. Eventually, the trend was over and they let their ears close. The atmosphere of a posh tropical island has taken over the Spring Break beer fest atmosphere. Of course, everyone likes to have fun, but at the typical Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort, it will be the smell of the salt water, not the smell of kegs of beer that will first hit you.

Now that the weather is colder, I want to book a trip even more.



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