Friday, January 29, 2010

Sign In, Please

cliparttesttaking.jpgThere are many sites on the internet promising users great riches by just simply opening up and reading emails, or possibly to complete paid surveys. Are they legitimate? That is the first question. Secondly, can you make any money at it? The first rule of thumb would be to never sign up for a site that solicits you directly. It is one thing to get a solicitation in a newsletter, but a direct email to you is what I am speaking of. Awhile ago, there was a site that was asking folks to click a link. The ringer was that the person that was supposedly working directly for the company did not have an email address that reflected the domain of the company.

One of the latest ones is GetPaidtoTry. They don't really clearly say what you are going to be doing to make the money, but reading additional articles reveals that users complete surveys issued by various marketing companies or manufacturers, and folks are then paid for their opinion. Email participation seems mandatory. If you opt out of emails, you opt out of receiving accrued funds, so that seems to be important to know.

I don't know how much money people make, but I think the overall drive to take surveys is the need folks have to be heard. While some may say it borders on narcissism, the practice has roots in childhood. Remember those "Sign In, Please?" books that required one to poll friends on the playground on their favorite colors and what their middle names were? Perhaps it also has to do with the love of a democratic system where we crave representation. Either way, from what I read I suspect that it isn't something to do to become rich. If you like answering questions, then it may be something to try, however.


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