Friday, February 05, 2010

Tutors On Call

When I was a kid, I had trouble with my math homework. My parents could give me adequate Math Help when I was in grade school. They simple had me read and repeat the instructions so that I understood them thoroughly and encouraged me. However, when I got into abstract math, I wasn't the best Math Problem Solver. The instructions for each assignment weren't as explicit, so my parents' previous strategy did not work.

I really needed a math tutor. The trouble was that the only tutors around were kids in my own grade who mastered the material a bit better. That was okay, but they weren't available outside of school and it was sort of embarrassing to have kids in the same class helping me. The biggest issue for me is when someone tried to explain a problem, then switches gears and finds a different tactic midway through. It is hard for my brain to forget the incorrect info. Now there is such thing as an online tutor. While you don't have a person sitting down face to face with you, it sure can help out to be guided through math problems by someone who understands them. This way, if my parents were to help me later, we figured out the right way to do the problems.


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