Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Betting On a Feeling

My dad and my uncle always wagered a friendly sports bet when football game day came around. Dad would always bet on the home team, where my uncle who was little faith got whatever team they were playing. The strategy proved fruitful, and only once or twice did my father have to buy my uncle dinner or give him a quarter. Most games, the bet was 25 cents, but it was dinner if dad was feeling particularly confident.

They later changed the game to streak betting. My uncle felt very sorry for dad. He was feeling guilty about emptying dad's pockets at the steak house, so he decided to bet the streak. Instead of betting on how many games the team could win in a row, it was how many they would lose. Optimistic, right?

Their wagers were all in fun, but there are folks who take sports gambling much more seriously. There are all sorts of variables they take into account such as player rosters and injury lists. Dad's betting was purely emotional, based on who he thought deserved to win. There are other kinds of emotional betting, and if you feel a relative has a gambling addiction and activity has gone beyond a friendly wager, please approach them with concern. There is help available for folks who have made gambling the lynch pin of their lives.


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