Friday, March 12, 2010

Freeze Those Frames

Free Pictures | acobox.comA few years ago, glasses were the hot fashion accessory. I am not talking about eyeglasses merely taking on fashionable new designs, but the fact that they were being worn by people who didn't need to wear glasses. Folks with 20/20 vision were purchasing them and using clear lenses with no power to them. Sure, they could have just worn frames with no lenses but that would have looked a bit like "dress up" time. I haven't seen the trend as much as I used to. Perhaps it faded or maybe I just travel in different circles than I used to.

What puzzled me most is that it was quite cost prohibitive. Unless they were purchased at a thrift store, getting frames just to wear them for show was not an inexpensive undertaking. Recently, I found that Zenni Optical offers frames starting at $8.00. I didn't understand how they did it. However, looking a bit more into it, I discovered their factories were in China. Prescription glasses took a few more weeks to get because of it, but the trade off is they were more affordable.

I have mixed feelings about that. Sure, more people can afford to choose what they like, but the money is going elsewhere. On one hand, there are so many pricier lines that are made in China, it is simply just buying direct what you already may get. I still think that if I should need glasses, I will try to find some American made frames, or at least Canadian made frames. I know that some people consider items made in Italy or Germany a step above items made in China, not because of quality but on principle. To me, overseas is overseas unless the country is historically the only source for that item.

What do you think? Is it okay because you are just getting something you would normally get...but cheaper? Or do you think foreign made everyday items should be avoided?



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