Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let Your Mouse Do The Walking

I sometimes use Google or the white pages to find a business I am looking for. Unfortunately, I get very frustrated sometimes. The searches on both sometimes pull up irrelevant results. The White Pages pulls up businesses that are on the web, but do not have a local presence. I suppose companies pay for that placement. It is even more frustrating when you look for businesses in a town where you will be visiting. I went to Buffalo, NY and of the stores I had on the list in my hand, nearly half no longer existed.

I recently discovered The list of businesses may not be vast, but it is very well edited. I was able to quickly find a nice list of thrift stores in Atlanta, GA. The difference is that businesses add themselves. It is not some aggregated list that is pulled from a database that the websites pays for, or vice versa.

When some friends of mine were going to St. Louis, MO, they used the site to find some interesting restaurants. The restaurants are divided up by type. They were very surprised to have found a number of French restaurants that they didn't expect. Personally, if I went to another part of the country, I would want sample the local fare, but others may want something more familiar.

If you are looking for a new site to try, I would definitely give it a shot. I happened to find a shop just two miles from my house that I never knew about before, and I am looking forward to checking out.


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