Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Step Inside...

When one calls tech support, sometimes a help desk employee can help you on "their end." This usually applies to internet related issues where they can reset the server. This is very convenient when the problem reaches beyond your individual computer, or you cannot seem to interpret what the real problem is. However, they can't see "into" your computer if you are not able to describe what the problem is, or it has to do with settings on your individual computer.

Sometimes, from across the miles, I wish I could look into my parents' computer to help them out. With a system such as PC Remote Access, you can do just that. While it may not be as practical to purchase for your computer at home, it is definitely practical for small businesses. Host and master software is used to help another user troubleshoot, modify settings, or even file transfer from a different terminal. It can be used within the same building or with computers miles apart. There are collaboration settings as well, where users at both ends can chat. With 256-bit encryption, it is far more secure than free and low fee chat programs.

Have you tried a system like PC Remote Access? Tell me what you think!



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