Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The following is guest post from our friend, Jeremy Wilson

While browsing on my Clear Internet connection, I discovered an exciting new website. Purevolume.com is a site that allows bands to upload songs, pictures, and biographies for display on their own unique page. Thousands of independent bands promote their music on this service. As a result, you can hear an enormous amount of free songs.

As a fan of rock music, I found plenty of songs to enjoy. Each artist page includes a player that streams audio files. Most bands uploaded several songs. As a result, I was able to listen to free music for hours. Each musician displays links to other sites where you can buy merchandise or watch videos. For fans of music, this site has a huge supply of content to experience.
For musicians, Purevolume.com is a wonderful resource. Bands can upload songs for the site's user base to share. Fans can show their support for favored artists by posting comments. If fans respond positively to a new upload, users might choose to share an artist's page on their social networks. Musicians will love this site.

Additionally, Purevolume.com suggests new artists on the front page. For those of us that love discovering new music while browsing the Internet, this is a welcome concept. I have discovered great new bands by clicking links suggested on the front page.

Some of my favorite songs have been provided for free by independent bands. In the past, I had to risk my own money just to try out new artists. Luckily, sites like Purevolume.com let me sample bands before spending cash.

If you are looking for a site to visit while browsing on the Internet, consider Purevolume.com. Thousands of great bands upload free songs on the site. Bands list tour dates and upload pictures. Along with wireless I also enjoy myDirect TV/Movies that I get because I purchased an Internet and television bundle, which has worked out well. If you are looking for a new music site with a lot of great independent bands, Purevolume.com delivers. Check out this site to find free songs from a variety of new bands.

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