Friday, April 16, 2010

Satellite Internet: A Way to Keep the Peace

A friend asked me about a song on the radio that I was unfamiliar with.

"You can't tell me you haven't heard this before?"

"What year was it out?"

"Maybe about seven years ago."

"Seven years ago, I lived in the sticks. Couldn't even get a radio station in except if I was content to listen to static 'in between stations' for a snippet or two of a song."

It's true, I lived in such a rural area for a brief stint that there was just no good radio reception unless you drove down the block and sat in your car. Internet service? Forget it. Cable internet did not come to our area. I was quoted $5,000 to start because they had to dig the cable line. Forget that. Say hello to dial-up. After another year, DSL was available.

I finally discovered wild blue satellite. If satellite was good enough for the television, then it was good enough for my computer. Even when the phone lines were down and the cell tower was on the fritz or I turned my head so was thus out of the coverage area, my computer was still chugging along, which was a relief. Family would be frantic, thinking I was eaten by a bear or sat on by a cow if I didn't answer their calls. At least then they knew if I returned an email, the phone lines were just merely down.

Live in the sticks? Satellite internet may be your best defense from a drop-in visit of well meaning relatives ready to check your pulse.


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