Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Harvesting the Garden

Guest posting my my good friend Rebecca Maxon

My husband and I love to work in the yard and garden every summer. Once the nfl sunday ticket channel is done in February, we spend the remaining winter months watching home improvement and landscaping shows on our satellite TV and then put the ones we like on paper for ideas. When spring comes we have tons of ideas to work through and build and action plan for our acre of land and garden.

The garden is big and has tons of different types of veggies and flowers that we find interesting. We share the veggies with our friends and family when it is time for the harvest. We love to sit in the middle of our garden and taste the fresh vegetables we produced with a lot of hard work and planning.

It is important to us that our garden produces a lot of food but also is something beautiful to experience. We spend a few hours each evening weeding, watering and making it something we are proud of. On the weekends we take care of the flowers and yard in the front of our house.

We have several different areas for entertaining and are planning on building an outdoor fireplace soon. We currently have a nice outdoor kitchen area that we worked to build together. It is right on the edge of the garden so we can pick fresh items and use them while we are cooking.


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