Monday, June 14, 2010

A Beadboard Backsplash is a Classic Look

backsplash.jpgKurt Duble is the author of the great guest post.

When renovating our kitchen, the backsplash posed a challenge. Our old bungalow home had plaster walls, and the backsplash consisted of old, thick tiles mortared directly into the plaster. As we chipped away the old, cracked tiles, chunks of plaster wall fell to the ground. We were left with a pitted wall that crumbled to the touch. Our plan of replacing with new tile did not sound like the best solution.

We studied our options, and talked to many employees at our local home improvement stores click here. The search was on for a material that would hide the pits, stop the crumbling and give us a clean look. We finally decided on tongue-and-groove beadboard. The style was classic and blended well with our home's cozy style. We could not nail the wooden beadboard to the plaster wall because it would crumble and break more. We used permanent adhesive to glue the beadboard to the plaster. We then nailed wooden trim to the beadboard to finish the edges, and painted it a clean white.

The result was perfect. The semi-gloss paint is easy to clean, and the look blended well with the home. No one can tell that the wall was once pitted and ugly.

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