Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Single and Alone, But Safe

The following is a guest post written by our friend, Marsha Staub

I never thought that with as popular as I was back in high school, that I would have never have married. For whatever reason, I could never get a man to seal the deal. That is okay, because I enjoy my solitude with my furry friend Oscar. Even though my dog can almost knock me over, he is adorable. He also doubles as one of my security measures to have my house safe for me as I sleep. It doesn't hurt that I also installed an Oklahoma adt securityalarm though either! It seems that in this day and age, a woman cannot be too sure that she is protected.

Even though I spend my nights alone with the dog, I don't really feel the need to have a big strong man around the house for security. It seems that I am just as safe, if not more protected, by my alarm system than by the countless officers and firemen that would be beating my door down if there was something wrong going on. I have been one of the few in my complex that has avoided the instance of a robbery, and I am pretty thankful that it never happened to me. I can just sit in the dark and watch a romantic comedy, without having to look over my shoulder for those exes that I never bothered to break up with.


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