Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wellington Boots for the...Bride?

wellingtonboots1.jpgI always wondered what my British friends meant when they talked of wearing their Wellies. The bright yellow boots made me think of Paddington bear. Now, a yellow boot is a scarce site, but you do see somber blacks and adult muted browns. it doesn't mean that Hunter Wellington Boots are stuffy. On the contrary, I have recently seen Hunter Boots in hues of green, blue and pink. Some varieties even come in embossed rubber meant to mimic the texture of exotic skins, such as ostrich and boa constrictor (a rubber snake can't squeeze your wallet too badly).

For the bride--yes, I said bride---there are white Hunter Wellies. I am not just saying that because they happen to be white. They are actually marketed as wedding boots. If you are living in a very misty environment and its an informal wedding, why not? They don't have any lacey bits, but rather the usual buckle. Since the boots are unisex, they are not relegated to the bride only. The groom could wear them, too. Maybe the groomsman would wear black to contrast. But then again, if you didn't know who was who in the wedding, there would be far greater problems than those of fashion.

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