Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to School Divas

The following is a guest post from our friend, Heriberto Sanders

Being a single father is rough when your daughters are both divas who have to always be wearing the latest fashions and being color coordinated. I am terrible with picking out matching outfits, and even worse when it comes to knowing what is in style or not. If I made the girls wear to school the things that I think look good, they would probably never come home.

Luckily we have this new hughes net internet in Californiaconnection up and running at the house so the girls can get online and check out all the fashion sites. Once they know what's in and what's out for the next couple of months I let them get on, or and fill out their wish lists. Having them do their own shopping and then letting me approve it saves a lot of time for me and a lot of tears for them.

Luckily the girls are stylish but not trendy. So I didn't have to waste money on the shoes that have the roller skates built into them, the bracelets that look like animals when you take them off, or the shoes that have the holes punched in them. Both of the girls have really good taste, and my credit card bill proves it thanks to huges net.



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