Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Movie Time

The following is a guest post written by our friend, Barbara Thorner

When I went and saw “Iron Man 2” when it came out a while back, I was so excited to go on a date night with my husband. We love going to the movies but we don’t get to do it too often because we both have to travel for work so when we’re at home at the same time we just like to stay put at home and rest.

We went in the middle of the week so there weren’t as many people in the movie, which I was glad about. The lights went down, the previews rolled and the explosions started pretty soon. But it was weird because all the explosions and loud noises weren’t that loud. I mentioned it to my husband at dinner afterward and he said that I must be deaf. It was funny at first until I thought that I may need a hearing aid. So when we got home I looked up hearing aids in CA and got some more information. I went to an expert and got some hearing aids prices and just got fitted with one.

We have another date night at the movies soon and I think I will enjoy it more, especially because it’s a romantic comedy without a bunch of explosions.


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