Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Virtual baby updates

The following is a guest post written by our friend, Whitney Morrison.

Last Christmas my family and I went in together to by my shut-in grandmother a laptop. Although I don’t get to visit her nearly as often as I’d like, I’m able to keep in better contact with her through it.

This was particularly important a few months ago when I had our first baby, Oscar. The earliest that we could fly with him to visit her is over Labor Day weekend so I wanted to make sure that she still felt a part of our milestone before then. My husband used my satellite internet service Colorado to mail her pictures of the three of us right after Oscar was born. Grandma was so excited to see them and since then we’ve been sending her updates every few days with new pictures of him that she can see with her wildblue internet Missoula Montana.

My husband’s great-aunt also lives far away but they’re very close so we send her many of the same updates that she gets through wildblue West VA.

I know that they both really appreciate including them in on all of this and it’s going to be even better when Grandma sees Oscar in person on Labor Day!


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