Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Going to the Movies With Peace of Mind

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

Once my home security alarm system is set I am able to go on vacation or more often do what my wife and I love to do; go to old movies. We love the old actors such as Errol Flynn , Edward G. Robinson and Steve McQueen. There are movie houses which specialize in these types of classics and we make it a weekly event to catch one of the films.

The acting in the older films cannot be compared to the acting nowadays. The black and white films also give the flavor of the time and the camera work is superior. The acting was better back then than now in our opinion. We look forward to our next film every week. Some classics like The Sand Pebbles with Steve McQueen we have seen more than once.

Going to the Movies is a relaxing couple of hours. It takes one's mind off the many problems in the world. It is a pleasure to hear no news for a couple of hours. The world will still be spinning when we come out of the movie and if not, there is nothing we could have done to prevent the world's destruction.


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