Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ship Creek Fishing

This guest post is from our friend, Delbert Fowler

One of the absolute best things about living in the state of Alaska is the fact that there is no possible way to fish in all the spots that it has to offer. I have spent weeks upon weeks fishing in places, and have yet to touch the majority of the lakes or rivers here. One of the best places to fish is Ship Creek. This creek is famous in Alaska for the salmon that is spawns.

Being able to set my Adt alarm systems and head out for the entire day is a benefit that I have only recently discovered. Instead of wondering if someone is breaking into my house, I am focusing on the beauty of the river, and the fish therein. I have caught a great deal of fish in this river and am proud of it. I have been fishing for most of my life, and greatly enjoy it.

The great thing about fishing is the tranquility and relaxation that it can give me. I love nothing more then to take my boat out on a nice sunny day and fish up a storm, knowing that I can actually eat the fish I catch, as well as present them to people as gifts. My friends and family are always thankful for the hard work that I put into my fishing skills.


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