Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our annual NASCAR weekend

The article written by Frances Blevins

Once a year, my husband and I pack clothes and a cooler, load up the RV, set the home security alarm (LOOK for more information) and head to Texas Motor Speedway for a weekend of fun at a NASCAR race. Sometimes we attend the spring race, but it is usually the fall race where we have the most fun.

We used to just go to the race on Sunday, but have since learned that the true way to experience a NASCAR race is in camping on the infield. You get to meet people, cook out, have some drinks and spend two to three days enjoying the atmosphere in the infield. And besides, on race day there is no better place to sit than literally in the middle of the action. While it is fun for the two of us to go alone, we have an even better time when we load up a few friends we trust.

Our favorite thing to do at the race is set up an awning outside and cook out. We even like to cook a little extra for the "neighbors" in the infield. We don't like to get too crazy, and things get hairy at times in the infield, but we do have a good time and come home happy and with stories to get us through until the next year.


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