Friday, October 22, 2010

The Best Animated Movie

Thanks for the guest post by Kristofer Bartlett

“UP” is a little word with a lot of meaning when it comes to the Pixar animated movie starring the voice of Ed Asner as Carl Fredrickson. The beginning of the movie has Carl as a young boy who falls in love with the rough and tough neighbor girl Ellie. Ellie has a scrapbook that she wants to keep track of her adventures in. Carl marries Ellie and through a directorial masterpiece, the movie runs through their lives in quick sequences up to the point where Ellie passes away and Carl is now alone at 78.

His house is about to be torn down, but crafty Carl who sold balloons his whole life ties thousands of them to the fireplace grate and runs them on strings up the chimney. The helium finally breaks his house free of the foundation, and he is off on a whim to fulfill an adventure of Ellie's that she never was able to live out.

Wilderness Explorer Russell, who had stopped by Carl's house to win a patch for helping seniors, gets taken along for the ride. The rest of the movie is full of adventure showing that we are never too old to do something new. Dug the dog, who can talk because of an electronic collar, steals the show. This is the best animated movie I have ever seen on Direct tv Sheridan MT.


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