Thursday, December 02, 2010

Awesome Star Trek Wedding in Las Vegas

Contributed by Alvin Graves

Two years ago my BFF, Abby, decided to have a unique wedding in Las Vegas. Myself and most of the guests live in Los Angeles, so the we decided to make a three night event out of this wild and wacky ceremony on The Strip. The theme was a Star Trek wedding, complete with Spock ears for the men and lavish costuming for all. Not exactly what her mother had dreamed of, but the whole concept and event was brilliant. I bought a gold lame "space suit", packed up for Vegas, set my home security alarm system from and made it on the airport on time.

Both Abby and I play guitar and she brought her band with her for the big day. Afterward, I played with them at the reception at the hotel, all of us wearing to die for cocktail dresses and the worn out space make-up from the ceremony. You can pretty much have anything you want for a Las Vegas wedding, the price is right, and the service is swift and powerful. Looking back, this is something that I will consider for my own nuptials one day for the adrenaline rush and guarantee that I'll have the best darn wedding pictures on the block.


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