Monday, July 25, 2011

Liking the Torchwood reboot

Guest post written by Rita Brentmeyer

I was really skeptical when I first heard that there would be a reboot of the Doctor Who spinoff, Torchwood. See, I'm a really big Doctor Who fan, so I gave Torchwood a try and really like it too. I mean, it's no Doctor Who, but Torchwood is pretty good too. I was worried about it, but now that I watched it, I think that they're doing a really good job with it.

I looked up everything that I could find about the reboot before it aired. One night right before the premiere I was doing that and I ran across the website I looked through it some and after that I showed it to my roommate and decided to change over our home internet service to it.

I think that the plot line that they've come up with, something that's affecting the whole Earth was a good way to tie it into the American and the American audience. It's a classic Doctor Who go-to, but it always works so well! Doctor Who has been around for so long for a good reason!


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