Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Plus Sized Gowns: Shop for an Enchanted Evening

I am sure the sock in the arm is coming for even mentioning New Year's Eve. It could match the other big bruise that is turning all sorts of pretty colors there now. I accidentally played part of a Christmas song the day before Halloween and that was my payment. This mention, however, is warranted.

Decadent New Year's Eve balls sometimes take weeks to find just the right thing to wear. For men, it is not a source of embarrassment if two or more gents show up in the same tux. For women, all involved must have a sense of humor, or accessorize unconventionally to avoid a run-in with a twin.

If you require plus size evening dresses, the situation is sometimes more dire if you live in an off-the-beaten path area from not many shops to pick from that carry anything larger than a 12 or 14. Roaman's carries a full line of evening dresses that start at a size 12, which is their "small" or "extra small" and go all the way up to a 4x (size 34-36). They do carry every day clothing up to size 5x, just no current evening gowns. In other words, there are no special up charges for larger sizes on the site. The price listed is what is charged.

So, do I get a sock in the arm, or a pat on the back for reminding you that its time to start looking?


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