Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don't Hire a Flintstone (Or a Rubble) to do a Jetson's Job

(At left: If their website looks like a dinosaur, how is an internet advertising company going to make yours appealing?)

I constantly receive pitches from folks wanting to redesign my main website, or wanting to up my social media presence. Some of it is pure spam. They really have no clue that I already Twitter, nor do they know the extent of my web presence before they pitch me. Even of the ones that seem to have done a little bit of research, there is one huge turn off for me when it comes to an advertising agency, and that is a deplorable website. It may have won the Geocities "Great Site" award in 1995, but it still looks it. Worse yet is a site that doesn't have the company address and looks like it forgot to erased the canned text that came with the template.

While I think there are sometimes matters of personal taste that may vary, don't waste my time asking me to consider your services if your website doesn't work. How could you possibly do justice to mine if you don't care about yours? I won't believe that you are saving all your energy to do a better job on mine than yours. After all, yours is your "baby," and I am a stranger. You know the adage, if an advertising agency doesn't love itself, it can't love others. Or something like that.

I was looking at That Advertising Agency's site. Which one? That one. What one? That Advertising Agency. Which One? That One. Okay...enough of that. At any rate, the advertising agency CALLED "That Advertising Agency" actually has one that made me want to click around. I just had to know who those little people in the boxes were. Intrigued? Well, then check it out for yourself. (ThatAdvertisingAgency.com)

Who's on first, again? What?


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