Friday, October 28, 2011

Put Your Best Foot Forward - in Scrubs!

Medical scrubs for vet techs, dental practices and nursing scrubs are comfortable, but aren't typically particularly flattering or fashionable. The patterns range from cupcakes and unicorns to a standard medical green (orange, purple, or even basic black just does not exist).

Blue Sky Scrubs was developed as an answer to life's fashion woes, not to mention the safety concerns of just too much material hanging under the arms. The contrast-stitch pockets adds a bit of detail. The uniforms come in a wide range of sizes rather than simply "Small-Medium-Large." Sizes accommodate women with a size as small as a 28" bust measurement, with the largest size accommodating a woman (check the selection here: with a 48" or man with a 50" chest measurement.

The collection features highly washable all cotton scrubs in a tight, but fashionable range of colors for men, women and children (yes, including black). Colors such as red, pink, blue, green, gray and purple are in stock for women, and navy, black, blue, gray and ceil blue for men.


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