Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Spectacles Befitting Santa's Secret Army

A few years back, I had two pairs of glasses. One of them was an old prescription only worn on the most bleary eyed of days when life couldn't be toughed out naked-eyed, and the others weren't real. They were real eyeglasses, but the lenses had no correction and they were strictly for fashion. The idea shocked my inner fifth grader who abhorred glasses and braces. eyeglasses. I don't wear them incredibly much now, since the trends swung away from "voluntarily glasses," though who am I to follow the trend? I still notice them, but haven't thought too terribly much about it until I started Christmas shopping.

The thrift stores, drug stores and malls are awash in holiday socks and ties already but I never thought of holiday spectacles. Is that a turkey and snowpeople I spy?

Apparently, Zenni Optical who is known for making prescription eyeglasses on the cheap has a holiday line. While most frames start around $8.99, some of these fancy dancy ones start at $12.99, which is about the same price point as your candy cane knee highs and bargain bin novelty ties. Of course, they are more for you if you are in the festive mood, rather than for a gift unless you have the person's prescription.

I marveled how one of Santa's helper elves at the mall had the same glasses as my grandmother. Not that she is not whimsical, but maybe something like this would be more befitting Santa's secret army.


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