Saturday, November 26, 2011

A closet is worthless if you can't see what's inside

Guest post written by Pete Allan

We don't have a very big house, but we really try to make the best of it. Sometimes we pack things into the wrong places just to get stuff out of the way and I think that we did that all this summer with our coat closet. Well now that it's time to use our coat closet on a daily basis, we're having a little bit of trouble because it's just so full. I've had enough of getting toppled by an avalanche every time I pull out my coat before work every morning.

But I knew that we needed some extra things to help organize the closet. While I was online looking up that stuff, I ran across the website and after that I decided to use them to redo our kitchen. This was something that we decided to give ourselves for Christmas and I was really grateful that I found that.

I think that we're going to be able to finally use our closet to the full extent. Now we just have to go through thte trouble of sorting all the stuff and putting each thing in its own place.


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