Saturday, January 14, 2012

NoMoreRack: Straight Foward Deals

There are many sites out there purporting to have daily deals, but often they are mired in a bit of confusion. What started out as simple concepts have snowballed into sites with so many offers that they seem to have become just regular shopping or store sites. The immediacy is gone.

Luckily, has never changed its tune. A person can still visit the site, see the daily deals queued up and make an instant decision whether or not they want to grab a deal that day. The "less is more" approach tends to work on me, as somehow the fewer items to remember, the bigger space they etch in my mind all day. Shipping is cheap too. It's only $2.00 per item.

Recently, I visited NoMoreRack and found a curious sight that I neglected before. The deal farthest to the bottom right was not for sale in exchange for currency, but was noted as a "friendrack" deal. Apparently, if you rack up a number of referrals, you qualify for a free item. Recent "friendrack" items have been a hobo bag, freshwater pearl bracelets and diamond earrings. Currently, 14-17 are needed to cash in on one of the items, and the offer doesn't expire. I have seen items come up for as little as 6 referrals, however. The items change, but you are not under the gun to mercilessly recruit friends under any sort of posted deadline. When you reach a certain number of friends who sign up on your suggestion, you simply redeem a deal when you find something that interests you.

I am recommended sites and businesses to my friends all the time, so it is nice to have an obtainable reward, and also a good Sometimes you'll find friends want you to reach a goal, and will sign up to help if they know you really want something. Kind of like how my relatives new I wanted the chance to win a bike for selling the most candies and cookies in school. What is one more almond cluster going to hurt?

Have you tried NoMoreRack yet? If so, tell me what you thought. If not, what influenced you to hesitate?

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