Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Why Vintage? Reason #2

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Why Vintage: Reason #2 - expanding your circle of influence.

Vintage clothing is a great conversation starter. There are a lot of folks who would barely notice you were wearing a vintage item. They may just think "wow, that guy/gal looks sharp" and not be able to put their finger on it. But once you start wearing vintage and learning about the pieces you own, it opens up a whole new world.

Suddenly you spot a guy wearing a 40s tie - the silhouette and color scheme are unmistakeable to your trained eye. Suddenly, you have something to talk about! You can go up to him and comment on it and walk away with a great new business contact or friend, or at least feel more at ease. It is iffy sometimes to walk up to a man in a modern tie. He may say "thank you," but there is really only so much you can talk about on the subject. Reason being, is a lot of people don't want to "give away" their secrets. They might not want to tell you where they bought it, unless they are from out of town, because they don't want you to go out and buy one just like it. Or they don't want to reveal that they got it from X store because they couldn't afford Y store.
They might not do it deliberately, but some people unconsciously feel that way.

When you ask about someone's vintage tie, you might get a story about how it came to be.


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