Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reinventing the Block

Even though snow is not in sight here, the ground is frozen. Construction starts are delayed until the spring. Much of the material used is the same as what your grandparents used on their house, with updates in foam and insulation.

There is a new green alternative in insulated concrete forms. Made from cement bonded wood fiber, Durisol now makes a product that not efficiently insulates noise barriers and wall forms, but incorporates industrial lumbar waste in addition to concrete. All of the waste is clean, such as leftover planer shavings and leftover pieces from truss makers.  No post-consumer waste is used to prevent contamination.

The material also has more design versatility over a concrete brick or building form, where a design is limited to the dimensions of the block. Insulated concrete forms can be cut with standard carpentry tools, such as a table saw, and can also be nailed and screwed without any special equipment.

The forms contain no solvents or plastics, which contributes to a cleaner indoor air environment, as well.

If you are currently planning to build a home, an addition or a play house, ICFs may be your answer.


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