Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Going to the Coast....At Home

Back in the day, when someone was sick or "infirm" it was commong to send them "to the south" or "the coast" or "Italy" in hopes of recovery. Even in ancient times, people went to the swim spa or the springs to rejuvenate.

Today, they have special pools that you can get even for your home that are intended as Hyrdotherapy Pools. They have much more graduated and larger steps for those with physical problems. There are built in adjustable jets where you can jog, walk, or swim with some resistence for a good work out. What I was most surprised to see is an underwater treadmill! It makes sense as there are people who are unable to jog, or they walk with discomfort due to the pressure on the knees. In the pool, your weight is supported. Of course, you can walk or jog around a regular pool, but there is the possibility of slipping versus staying in place.

If you do not have a chronic condition and your health improves, making Aquatic Therpay not as critical for maintaining your skills and coordination, the pool can be a "work out" pool to not just maintain health but to increase it. If you have been considering a pool, it could definitely be the one to go with.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Holiday Special from the Golden Age

I just found a really great gift for lovers of nostalgia, fans of the 1930s, reenactors and more! The Cinnamon Bears are now on CD. Don't know who the Cinnamon Bears are? It was a radio show for children that was recorded in the 1930s. It was aired through the 1950s, with several stations to this day still running it, but it is rare. It was a very popular "holiday speciel" during the Golden Age of Radio.

The show is a musical. The plot involves looking for a silver star to top the Christmas Tree. The Crazy Quilt Dragon has taken it and it is up to Jimmy, Judy, and Paddy O'Cinnamon to get it back. The series chronicles the adventures along the way that the friends encounter.

The collection consists of seven CDs, which include the complete series. The price is $27.95. It would be the perfect gift for a variety of people. Why not buy one and give it to your local library so that they can have a little piece of radio history for local researchers and school reports? It could also become a new family tradition or a way for grandparents to expose their grandchildren to how things used to be when they were growing up. Have an old fashioned Christmas!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Healthy Whey

There are people that no matter how much they eat, they just can't gain weight.  I am not talking about muscleheads who want to get extra huge, but people who are very underweight and it is unhealthy for them.  These folks don't have an emotional eating disorder.  Their metabolism is just too high or they aren't absorbing the food.

The alternative for some people is to bulk up on junk food, but that only creates health problems. When no medical reason or illness can be found for their issue, sometimes people turn to whey protein. It helps insure that the basic building blocks are there and that the person will gain healthy weight.  When I found out about whey protein, I thought of the nursery rhyme and wondered where curds and whey were sold.  Actually, whey is available in powder form and is a popular ingredient in protein shakes.

Joe Dillon has an audio tape series that talks about whey protein isolate, and creating optimum health.  He also talks about setting goals for your health, exercise, and lifestyle.  It is something that you can listen to in the car to get motivated.  If you are new to trying the ingredient or just want a healthier life, it may be something to look into.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Online Magazine for Music Lovers

Many magazines are folding these days if they don't generate major popularity. There is just too much competition from online media. Of course, you usually can't read a website waiting at the doctor's office, but there are so many copies of National Geographic out there in waiting rooms and basements, that there will be reading material for another hundred years or so. The magazines usually aren't new anyways.

Instead, many magazines are turning to webzines, websites with a stable of writers usually found associated with a print magazine. is one such site. They have a variety of articles focusing on music and related topics for music lovers. Subjects include both signed and unsigned artists, fashion, and lifestyle articles.

Because it is a multimedia venture, you will find many things beyond just the typical editorial and Q%A interview. There are also many videos and interactive surveys on the site as well. Answer questions and rate songs. There is also a SingCast media player that allows you to listen to music from the site which provides an all in one experience to watch videos and listen to music files if you like R&B, Hip Hop, Old School, or Rap.

Not Your Ordinary Fundraiser

Remember when you were back in grade school and there was always the inevitabe school fundraiser for uniforms, band equipment or field trips?  Usually it involved candy fundraising. Somehow, we all ended up with stomach aches because we bought from eachother in the lunch room.   

Nowadays, there is a larger selection of fundraising ideas than there were when I was at that stage.  There is a fundraising discount card that can be sold.  The purchaser of the card would be entitled to discounts at participating businesses.  The school would approach parents who owned local businesses, or the local haunts that were already supporters of the school.  This would be something very useful for local residents to have.  If they already clip coupons, they won't mind paying a little bit to get discounts for a certain amount of time at places that they can get a bargain at.  Imagine if someone got together and organized all the antique stores?

On, there is even a "fundraising wizard" which has you put in the type of group you have, the number of participants, and the dollar amount you want to raise.  It automatically suggests a product recommendation and shows you the amount of items you would need to sell.  This helps you make a realistic decision for your group.   I think that is a great way to mull things over before presenting it to the decision makers.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Selling at an Antique Show? Think Trade Show!

The fall and winter season of antique fairs and tradeshow exhibits is upon us.  Some exhibitors use very makeshift set ups.  It may work if you are going to set up in your shop, or just around the corner, but often completely home made set ups aren't flexible or are unwieldy to travel with.

I urge you to look beyond what you typically see at antique fairs and think about the examples that Trade Show Booths give you.  Many elements are built to be knocked down and taken with you.  What is more, is that the polished look trade show exhibitors have is what is going to set you apart and make you more money when you transition from the local community center to a national event like Viva Las Vegas.

There are some "roll and go" table top trade show displays that may cost more than purchasing poster board at the office supply store, but it will give you an infinitely more professional look.  You will only have to purchase it once to give people an image of yourself as an expert in your field and not just a "dealer" or a "seller."   Check out to look at what I mean.   You don't have to buy a lot to stand out from the crowd, but your materials make a difference.